Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nuestros Viaje a Mendoza!

Mendoza itself was incredible, I wish we could have spent more time there. The city has a beautiful park with some amazingly sculpted monuments. We arrived on Saturday morning at 10AM and immediately went to the hotel "Puerta de Sol" - the experience at the bus station is an entire email in itself. In short, it's summer time here so there are A LOT of people traveling. After breakfast at the hotel we went on a wine tour of the 4 most famous wineries in Mendoza (really, in all of Argentina) - CAP, VIstalba, Nieto Senetiner and Cava de Cano - and at each we got to taste three different wines, and we learned how to properly wine taste (hold by the stem, sniff, swirl, sniff, drink, swoosh in mouth) :). I had never been to a winery nor have I ever seen how wine is made and so seeing these HUGE vats full of wine was mind blowing. At the winery Cava de Cano we had an enormous feast. It is no exaggeration when I say feast. I attached some pictures of what was on the table when we walked in. We thought what was on the table was our lunch so we ate all of it - little did we know there were THREE more courses not including dessert. It was quite a treat. At CAP, named after the owner and maker of the wine (Carmelo Patti), we were able to meet and snag photos with Carmelo Patti who is apparently very famous in Argentina for his wine (don't worry mom and dad - I got you a bottle!) After the wine tastings we had dinner at a restaurant named Decimo where we could see the entire city of Mendezo. We felt pretty cool sitting in a restaurant over looking the city (pictures of the food attached too - it was DELICIOUS).

Yesterday morning we went on a city tour which is when we saw the park (where they hold free exercise classes!) and where people go to drink maté and have picnics. It was really beautiful. After we visited the monuments and saw the city we went rafting in the river of the ANDES MOUNTAINS. I can't even describe how crazy this experience was. I've been rafting before but never like this. There were times it got so rough we had to all jump into the boat to make sure we wouldn't fall off! Yani bought the CD with pictures (which are hilarious) so I attached some of the ones from my group.

Enjoy :)

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