Monday, January 11, 2010

Our First 2 Days in Argentina!

So we've been in Argentina for officially two whole days and I've already fell in love with the country. The people are nice, the food is delicious, and our dollar is equivalent to 3.8 pesos. Regardless of the heavy argentino "ja" accent, I'm doing well understanding people and every opportunity I get, I am practicing mi español. Alessandra and I living with a woman named Laura who is the sweetest woman in the world. She's a 35 year old doctor and her brother and sister live in the same building. It's a great apartment in downtown Córdoba and walking distance to the school - we've also got wireless internet :) . The only bad part is that its summer time here and there is no air conditioning.

After traveling for 24 hours we were pretty exhausted two nights ago so Laura cooked us a dinner of bistec y ensalada con lechuga, tomate y huevos. The meat was so fresh as was the salad - hay supermercados everywhere and so Laura is able to buy fresh food for almost every meal! For the entire trip, we're going to be on the Atkins diet! Todos los restaurantes sirven carne y no hay otros opciones. Es bueno que yo no soy un vegetariano!

Yesterday we went to the Cascadas Escondidas which was fun and really beautiful. It was an underground waterfall you had to hike to get to. The scenery the entire day was incredible.

We started classes today and then went on a tour of the city - we have class for 4 hours every day and than the rest of the day to do what we want! Now we're back at the house just relaxing and uploading pictures etc - maybe we'll do some shopping tonight! I'm excited for Mendoza this weekend!
Jamie Preira

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  1. Hola, Jamie
    How were you able to load two pics side by side. Please show me tomorrow when we meet at school!

    I enjoyed reading your post!
    la profe